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Happy birthday to my favorite Pain in the ass, without you I’d definitely be nothing, you are so amazing, and you mean the world to me, we may fight, and bug Eachother, but you still complete me, you’re half way across the country right now and it hurts not being in your presence, I hope you have an amazing day today fluffynerdydude I💕You

Anonymous said:
Whoever that guy is, must be very lucky to have you and should be very proud of you

He is :) he tells me all the time, he’s just the best

Anonymous said:
Who is that guy on your tumblr? Are you guys together ? Is he your boyfriend?

He’s an amazing guy that means the world to me, and without him I’d be nothing, no were not together by he does have my heart, and I’m not looking to be with anybody but him.

Anonymous said:
Hey just stoppin by to tell you you're amazing, I hope you're always happy, and I hope you do great things in life, you're a phenomenal guy :) big things are coming your way, stay strong through any hardship you face

Thank you whoever you are

Dear white people, please have all the seats. Y’all make all kinds of excuses to use the n-word, to call me a chink, to tell my brown friends to go back to their country, to make them apologize for 9/11, tell me to get over racism cuz ‘slavery ended 400 years ago’, tell me that ‘I’m just appreciating Indians by wearing this headdress’, oh, but the second BuzzFeed makes a post about liking Starbucks we’re being racist and perpetuating stereotypes. Oh. Okay. That’s cool. You have your television shows and music videos and billboard ads and magazine covers and movies that feature 99.99% white people but the second that I step up and ask if I can have a t.v. show that positively represents Asians I’m asking for too much. That’s just too much to handle right now what with all the white people blazoned across every media outlet. And before any of you think about responding with some baseless comment like, “These stereotypes are really bad; they reinforce segregation” just know that no one is killing you for these stereotypes. It does not affect you getting a job, or being objectified. Your ancestors erased entire histories and communities and you benefit from this so don’t try and read me because I made a joke about you wearing Uggs and liking Starbucks.

Edit: One more thing, don’t use the ‘we’re all human’ excuse or the ‘I have a/n (insert race here) friend’ or the ‘I don’t see colour’ argument. Yes, we’re all human, but our life experiences are different, your small group of (insert race here) friends doesn’t mean you can say whatever slur you want, and ignoring colour invalidates and delegitmizes people’s identity, history, and stories, just cuz you don’t wanna talk about it.

Sean Kua

Comment from a buzzfeed post “

29 Tumblr Posts About White People That Will Make You Sip Your Tea” and my gosh he preaching 

(via ttfkagb)

I saw that post and the SO MANY HURT FEELINGS of whiny white people. Fellow whites: Cut that shit out. See also #29 on that list: “Generalizations of white people don’t get them killed.”

Renisha McBride died at the hands of a racist white man (and countless other people of color at the hands of other racist white men, who generally had the support of the white women around them) and you feel equally entitled to be angry because someone made fun of you for liking shows about serial killers and eating bland food. Get over it.

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Sometimes I just wanna fuck, and sometimes I wanna be in love, and sometimes I wanna be alone. – (via sexual-feelings)

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